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We fully understand the challenge and responsibility of carrying forward the legacy of the Becker family name and the closely guarded reputation that has been passed to us through the generations.

Becker Kuechen today stands at the forefront of the technological and design developments that have changed the business of kitchen cabinet production over the course of last century. So much has changed that our founder, Pius Becker, might struggle to recognize the business that still bears his family name.

One thing that we hope that he would recognize is our commitment to quality, which runs like a watermark throughout the business, from our careful selection of materials to the way we build and nurture our teams.

While technology plays an undeniable and important role in modern manufacturing, Becker Küechen have always placed a high value on the human skills that make an essential contribution to producing world class furniture. As well as providing unparalleled flexibility, this is how we make kitchens with a passion that the robots will never have!